screenWhat is a License OPTICIAN?    &    Why you should see one?
As an licensed optician, I have been specifically trained to take any measurements required, write purchase orders involving spects and take actions which may influence the vision of the customer (adjustment to frame etc.). Also licensed optician help you choose frames, teach contact lens insertion/removal, and dispense your glasses  after rechecking the prescription against the original.

I AM NOT an optometrist nor ophthalmologist.
Optometrist give eye exams, checks the over all health of your eyes and may be able to prescribe eye medication. They write prescription for your eye wear needs (glasses and/or contacts).
Ophthalmologist can and do the above beside performing eye surgery.

People working for an eye doctors are not required to be licensed, (i.e.) opticians, all though the majority of time they are assuming that position.

Most optometrist and some ophthalmologist also have eyeglass dispensaries located in their office or nearby. Will you get better pricing, service, warranties, product. NO NO NO…….. Are you required to purchase your eyeglasses there? NO. There is absolutely no reason to purchase your eyewear there. So shop around, take YOUR prescription where you will get the best personal service with a licensed optician.

A valid prescription for glasses or contact (they are not the same) is required. Normally Rx for glasses expire two years from the exam, a medical reason may shorten that time. Contacts are only valid for one year. If your doctor or there staff is making it difficult (yes there are still a few) asking for your prescription (they are required to give one free copy IMMEDIATELY after your exam). I would be happy to call and have a copy faxed to the office. If you have misplaced, lost, forgot it etc., again I can have it faxed.

Remember if you have paid for your exam or have insurance they accept as payment, then THAT PRESCRIPTION BELONGS TO YOU, the same as your medical records belong to you…