The first thing I can say is you are not bothering me.
THIS IS MY JOB and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

First and foremost local eye care practices, including me, order from Walman Optical/Toledo Optical and other local to non local labs. They all strive to produce the best lenses for you and the majority of the time you are receiving the same products and brands as you would at any independent doctor or optician.

There are hundreds of frame companies out there. Carry all the brands would be impossible. Rest assured I WILL try to find what you are looking for.

Unless a frame has been discontinued, it does carry a manufacture warranty against  defects. If you run over them, misplace, loose, pet chews on them or the lenses I can not return them as a defected (nose piece breaks off, temple spring won’t spring, etc. are covered). I do ask for a $10 S&H fee (Which in some cases may be waived). I also offer a warranty plan besides my discount plan. Ask me about them!

Lenses are covered against scratches for one year. Not abuse. In other words small scratches are not covered unless they are in the line of vision there is a $10 S&H fee. (Which in some cases may be waived.)

Anti reflective lenses,  most carry some form of warranty against scratches, peeling and crazing for one to two years. Unsure what is happening with your lenses. That is what I am here for.  Don’t put it off, stop in and let me be the judge.

Extreme heat and household products can harm coatings on lenses. Whether or not they are covered or if there is a charge is up to the lab to decide. We will request an estimate before repairs are done.

Progressive lenses have a 60 day, one to two time non adapts. The lab will try another progressive, (you only pay the difference in cost, if there is one)  single vision or bifocals in there place. No refunds are given. There may be a $10 S &H fee.

REMEMBER I AM HERE FOR YOU! If you are having issues, please stop back in. You would be surprised how easy it may be to correct the problem. Again that is what I do and I love my job!

FACT: Having vision insurance does not mean you will pay the same every where your insurance is accepted. This is one of the reasons the eyeglass rule was implemented, you have a right to shop around. Also having vision insurance does not mean you will not be required to pay a portion, most vision plans only cover the basic. Again I do not accept insurances.

FACT: I am very good at what I do and it is rare for me not to be able to help. I love a challenge so bring me your mangled eyeglasses, lets see what I can do.

I do not discriminate, if you need glasses I will help you or find someone who can help you!