Polarized Lenses a Must

By Nancy Martinez     03/03/2017

NanSee EyeWear
One last though.
Spring and summer are going to arrive sooner then you expect. Why not be ready.You want to be able to drive, go to the zoo, take a walk etc etc. and not be blinded with the glare don’t you. Wouldn’t it be nice not to squint and have your eyes water and not be able to see because of the glare. You can get FYI’s in polarized polycarbonate for $179. Awesome, and just think single vision lenses are even less then that. Don’t wait till the sun is blinding you, come in now and get them ordered before you need them.

Another thought, children actually need them more then adults. Come in and ask me why.


Progressive Lenses

Nancy Martinez 03/03/2017

 Hi Facebook friends.  I keep hearing how expensive eyeglasses are. Well maybe it is time to come on over to NanSee EyeWear. Have you heard of digital lenses. Better optics, better lenses. FYI lenses are for you. FYI (for your i’s) progressive digital lenses. Best part you will see better and it won’t break the bank. Choose polycarbonate (thinner, lighter and more impact resistant, 100% UV, Scratch Resistant) in Transitions (Indoors to Outdoors) with one year warranty, anti glare ( better night vision and computer friendly) lens for $325. Many progressive lenses start at this price and go up from there with all the additional add on.  This is my lens and it is what I wear. I priced it so all can afford it. No insurance allowed on this pricing and no discounts. Who needs it. Most times with insurance and all the add on you would pay more then this. I guess if there are any draw backs it would be the 7 to 10 day delivery time. I suggest you come in now so your ready for a new spring look. Come in with your prescription or not ( I will have it faxed from your doctor to my office). Just be sure it is less then two years old, under normal conditions it will be valid. Want to use your frame? If you can give it up for that amount of time, no problem. Frames are $100 and are that are progressive friendly. If you don’t want all the goodies added to your lenses they will be priced accordingly. Only why not get it all and treat yourself and your wallet, isn’t it time for you and your eyes to be beautiful?

Single Vision Lenses

By Nancy Martinez  03/03/2017

OK Ok, so you don’t wear progressive lenses, you wear SINGLE vision. I have you covered. You can still get polycarbonate transitions, and anti glare with all that it entails for the low price of $175. So you can still have money in your pocket for spring fun, and have a great pair of glasses too. No insurance and no discount at this low price and some prescriptions may not apply but I’ll bet I can find what you need at some price point that still won’t break the bank.

Why I suggest you NOT adjust your eyewear!

I realize under some situations you may have no other choice but,

1. Not all eyewear is created equal.

2. It is not as easy as it looks.

3. I use small tools designed for this purpose.

4. They are less likely to break if I adjust them.

5. I have twenty eight years of experience.

6. Plastic frames must be warmed up to prevent breakage.

7. Even metal frames can have plastic parts.

8. Older glasses are more likely to break.

9. Weather conditions do matter.

10.When they break, do you own a back up pair?





Why bring your prescription to NanSee EyeWear?

I get asked this question a lot. With most responses from the patient being are you cheaper?

Well I am less expensive than some but more expensive than others.

So why come to me? Service!!! I treat my customers like I would like to be treated. Do I always succeed? I would love to tell you yes but I would be lying. I am human and with that said some of my human side can leak out. I do strive for your faith and trust in me.



How to Clean Eyeglasses

Although a large percent of people wear glasses most do not know the proper way to clean them. First thing to remember, use warm water. Hot and Heat may damage your lenses if certain coatings where applied. It may not happen the first time but over time it will. Cold water may not cut the grease accumulating on your lenses including your frame from the natural oils on your face to cooking oils. Try using mild soap if this is the case. I personally like the foam soap. If you use harsh or abrasive cleaners your lens coatings may disintegrate.

Step One: Rinse your frame and lenses under warm water, to assure the dust particles are removed. These partials can cause minor to major scratches.

Step Two: Using mild soap in your hand, rub your lenses and frame, including the long sides around your ears (temples) and your nose pieces. Apply foam soap to the bristles of a soft toothbrush, lightly scrubbing the noses pieces. Be sure to brace the nose pieces with your fingers using the other hand.

Step Three: Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat all step if necessary.

Step Four: In my opinion the BEST way to dry your glasses is using a 100% cotton cloth. Like a baby diaper, although I have found white drying towel in the kitchen aisle of Walmart that are awwwwesome. Keep moving your towel to different areas of the lens so if there is dirt and oil you missed, it will not scratch nor smear the lenses. I find it helpful to take the cloth close to the bridge of the frame pulling it away to the edge of your lenses. Don’t forget, wash your cloth after a few uses. No fabric softener as that will make the cloth less absorbent.

So now you know my secrets on how I get your lenses so clean.